Some sort of Fluxus

Project for an indefinite period with a small business. In 2004 came the idea of ‘Klusmus’ by chance at the Grand Café Metropole in Arnhem. This while enjoying a good glass of Belgian beer. The puzzle was completed after ten years.

Klusmus,  2004-present
Business art


Project mini-company

With the project the artist examines the border area of art and commerce. The setting of the project is a real so-called mini-company. This is normally a practice simulation for students, intended to investigate several aspects of a self-started venture. In fact playing a serious game with real money.

Head of company Klusmus (approx. odd-job man) is an artist who is at the same time entrepreneur, in other words a cultural entrepreneur. An assortment of currently seventeen products constitutes the material with which various invoices are generated, expected to be a work of art or if possible, already are.

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