Selection of artworks

Spool knitting art with a side trip to painting and vice versa. Both with a formalistic approach. The possible game with the knitted tube or the paint mass plays a subordinate role. The emphasis is more on the process of creation.

Selected art

My first bungee jump, 1997
Zij stierf in het kraambed (She died in childbirth), 1997
Coïtus interruptus, 1997
Zwarte gaten (Black holes), 1998
Save our souls, 1997-1999
De random huis (The random house), 1994-2000
Tien vingers blind (Ten fingers blind), 1998-2002
Magic loom nursery, 1997-2004
Skysaver, 2000-2009
Emergency exit, 2001-2006-2008-2012